Equip your products with Digital Identity

We digitalize every product you manufacture & sell by providing a unique identity, making them trackable, intelligent and interactive.

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Equip your products with Trusted Provenance

The product’s digital twin captures real-time information across the supply chain providing trusted provenance, insights and analytics.

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Equip your products with Proof of Ownership

Authlink products recognize their owners and are accessible via the Vault. Engage customers effectively on App & build deeper relationships.

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Digital Identity for Each Product Item

Authlink onboards brands, manufacturers & certification agencies, enabling them to create a secure digital identity for each of their product items. The secure identity of a product is created by generating a smart Authlink asset with the issuer’s cryptographic signature and linking it permanently with the product via industrial standard tags from QR Code to NFC, Bluetooth, etc.

Each product unit provenance and ownership related information gets immutably stored with their respective digital twin creating a trusted journey of the product lifecycle. Authlink smart assets are represented in the form of certificates to provide a user-intuitive medium of managing and exchanging product ownership.

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A secure dashboard
to Issue products
  • Trust-free ownership on your signatures and data

  • Secure, Anti-theft and Highly Available platform

  • Seamless & Easy to manage user experience

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Our Solutions

By Industries

Jewellery &
Luxury Goods


  • Trusted provenance showcasing transparency and ethical supply chain.

  • Provide premium convenience of online ownership management.

  • Brand loyalty and build an everlasting relationship with your customers.

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Wine &


  • Efficient traceability and transparency of wine bottles in the supply chain.

  • Interactive, enhanced and seamless digital wine experience for customers.

  • Convenient platform to manage and collate customer wine purchases.

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By Functions



  • Prevent fraud, protect your brand.

  • Traceability from factory to consumer.

  • Unlock new range of real-time analytics.

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  • Digital convenience to collate all their products on Vault app.

  • Get real-time insights and analytics on customers as well as “end users”.

  • Tools to engage customers efficiently & build meaningful relationships.

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