A Blockchain security platform enabling a coherent ecosystem for brands, product owners, independent QA’s and third party service providers.

The ecosystem ensures unparalleled brand protection, effective product ownership management, and perpetual relationship among brands and their consumers.

Authlink Network

A secure Blockchain network comprising of brands, owners, independent QA’s, and third parties creating a trusted chain of information regarding a product/document. The network creates a digital footprint of each step involved in the creation of a product and the issuance of a document. The footprint created on the network ensures:

  • Product & Certificate Provenance
  • Proof of Authenticity
  • Proof of Ownership

Issuer Dashboard

Authlink offers a secure dashboard for institutions and brands to create and issue their product/certificate/document directly on Blockchain. The platform can be integrated with most industry-standard ERPs and CRMs enabling seamless control on all resources in their existing company dashboard. Moreover, unlike intermediary dependent SaaS, our decentralized BaaS offers:

  • Trust-free ownership on your signatures and data
  • Secure, Anti-theft and Highly Available platform
  • Seamless & Easy to manage user experience

Owner Vault

A secure Blockchain vault for owners to organize and manage their valuables, certificates, and documents conveniently. The vault offers owners a range of value-added services curated to their valuables and acts as a communication channel to remain connected with their brands.

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In the new digital age, Authlite allows companies of all sizes to transform their conventional letterheads into a revolutionary Blockchain issued letterheads, signed and protected cryptographically with a verified identity of the issuing body. By implementing Authlite, companies can have:

  • Protection from forgery and counterfeiting
  • Easy and transparent management of signing authorities
  • Securely transfer documents into recipient’s vault
  • Document authenticity can be tested online in seconds

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From product provenance to certificate issuance and more. Authlink can help transform your brand by adding a layer of trust and give you a revolutionary edge into brand protection, customer convenience, and perpetual relationship management

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