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Premium solutions for cosmetics brands to enhance customer engagement and business integrity

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Transforming Beauty Product engagement

Authlink’s digitally-driven solutions enable beauty brands to elevate product use experiences while preserving loyalty, value and reputation. With Authlink’s platform, cosmetics customers can verify the authenticity of beauty products and stay on the lookout for sustainable cosmetics brands. It also enables end-to-end cosmetics traceability along the supply chain to promote transparency and accountability.

Solid beauty brand

Protect the integrity and reputation of your cosmetics brand digitally

Interactive user

Offer worthwhile customer benefits before, during and after purchase

Irrefutable proof of

Ensure that each product is verifiable, authentic and safe from counterfeiters

End-to-end cosmetics traceability

Track beauty products back to their origins to promote better product understanding

Crystal clear business transparency

Ensure that brand sustainability and ethical motives are verifiable by customers

Valuable consumer

Capture scan-based consumer insights to offer personalized benefits

Showcase ethical and sustainable business practices
  • Highlight brand commitment in promoting sustainable cosmetics products

  • Digitally reveal business ethical motives to concerned customers

  • Empower customers to learn about sustainable product usage practices

Let product user experiences stand out from the crowd
  • Offer dynamic beauty product use tutorials with easy smartphone scans

  • Educate customers on how to make most of their cosmetics purchases

  • Provide personalized, multimedia-rich data about your brand and products

Safeguard brand reputation and integrity with ease
  • Protect beauty products from getting tampered with, manipulated or forged

  • Curb moonlighting, grey marketing and other unauthorized distribution paths

  • Make the authenticity of each beauty product easily verifiable for customers

Offer exclusive consumer benefits and rewards
  • Create personalized pre and post-purchase discounts for customers

  • Retain customer interest and appeal with point-based reward programs

  • Bring awareness and reward customers for sustainable product disposal

How it works

For brands

Data storage
Ownership verification
Process management

Assigns a distinct digital identity for each product
Records provenance information
Uploads relevant certificates & documents
Cryptographically stores data

Validates ownership details
Provides data flow regulation options
Enables easy ownership transfer
Alerts owner of relevant issues

Provides real-time supply chain insights
Generates detailed customer analytics
Creates comprehensive reports
Improves overall business efficiency

For customers

Authenticity verification
Information supply
Product maintenance

Enables QR code scanning
Makes data smartphone accessible
Provides relevant supply chain information
Ensures authenticity of each gadget

Offers product provenance information
Highlights brand’s ethical motives
Confirms genuinity of purchase
Helps in making informed purchases

Digitally stores past purchase details in Mobile Vault
Provides after-purchase recommendations
Offers exclusive benefits & services
Enables an enhanced digital experience