NFT Powered Digital Twins | Blockchain Technology | Authlink

What we do?

Authlink enables brands, manufacturers & certifiers to create a secure digital identity of their physical assets by representing them in the form of Authlink smart assets powered by the Blockchain technology.

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Smart Assets

Blockchain assets are “gold” standard assets in the digital domain. These assets are intelligent, fully digital, cryptographically secured, can not be duplicated, counterfeited, or stolen.
Authlink smart assets are governed by a set of protocols defined in the smart contract of the relevant physical asset. Brands can create custom smart contracts as per the product requirements.

The Digital Twin

Authlink smart assets are generated while linked one-on-one with a physical asset via an industrial standard tag such as QR Code, NFC, RFID, etc. This step creates a permanent linkage between the physical asset and the smart asset. This process digitalizes the product items by creating a digital twin of the product over Authlink Network.

Enables Provenance

The product history along with its proof of origin and important certifications are reconciled and stored along with the asset in a fully verifiable manner. As the physical asset moves across the supply chain and after-sales, new records are being captured and added to the asset creating an ever-growing trusted provenance.

Secure Proof of Ownership

Best in class asset management and ownership security is the flagship built-in capability of the Blockchain technology. The platform offers a trusted mechanism to establish and easily verify an asset’s proof of ownership.

Respect for Privacy

All information stored in the asset is fully private in nature and the platform is built with a respect for privacy. A smart asset is only accessible to its owner(s) and the ones authorized by them.

Good Old “Certificates”

Finally, these Blockchain assets are represented in a simple and sophisticated form of digital certificates. Digital certificates create a user-intuitive way for owners to manage their assets and exchange product ownership.

The Mobile Vault

These certificates are accessible to owners via their secure Authlink vault. The vault enables owners to store & collate their product documentation, perform smart asset functionalities, and verify provenance/authenticity/ownership of registered assets.

Enabling the Ecosystem

With the Blockchain network comprising of brands, customers, independent QA’s, and 3rd party service providers, Authlink aims to enable a trusted ecosystem and marketplace of pre-verified premium products.
The ecosystem enables trust among all parties, offers an unparalleled digital experience to customers, and provides advanced insights and analytics to the business.