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Digitally-Powered Brand Integrity Solutions

Data transparency, privacy and security-driven services to retain brand value, loyalty and reputation

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How it works

Supply chain transparency

Product provenance is easily traceable across the supply chain with digital identities


The digitization of business transactions boosts product security and data privacy


The accountability of each business document is ensured with digital fingerprinting


Real-time analytics on counterfeiting trends are generated on the digital dashboard

Digital brand protection, simplified

Transform the way your brand protects business integrity and data authenticity

Enable data protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions

Protect your products from counterfeiters by ensuring data privacy and security, empowering customers to detect fake goods and preventing unauthorized product sales.
Promote accountability for valuable business documents

Use the digital fingerprinting feature to promote control and privacy of your business documents and certificates, while ensuring that all the uploaded data is accurate and verifiable.
Ensure end-to-end product traceability along the supply chain

Enable real-time traceability of products to create immutable provenance records, assure your customers of product authenticity, and curb moonlighting and grey marketing activities.
Capture detailed insights on counterfeiting trends and hotspots

Use the digital dashboard to get real-time analytics on which, when and where your products are being counterfeited, and thereby gain insights for future counterfeiting prevention.
Ensuring end-to-end supply chain traceability

The Authlink platform enables brands to track and trace product provenance along the supply chain for high business transparency, trust and efficiency.

  • Records product transaction in real-time

  • Enhances accountability for each supply chain link

  • Protects data privacy and authenticity

  • Generates valuable supply chain analytics

  • Prevents functioning of unauthorised supply channels

Amplifying Business Intelligence

The digital dashboard generates detailed supply chain analytics and valuable insights on counterfeiting trends and hotspots.

  • Improves understanding of consumer-product interaction behavior

  • Assists in transforming and improving brand strategies

  • Helps in formulating effective anti-counterfeiting solutions

  • Enables brands to make better business decisions

Safeguarding brand integrity in the digital era
  • Brand integrity can be tricky to foster in a business considering the ever-evolving nature of customer expectations. The process of building up brand reputation is quite challenging in a competitive market, but it only takes an unmet promise....

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