SaaS Platform to Digitalize your Products | Brand Panel | Authlink

A secure dashboard
to Issue products

Create unique programmable Blockchain asset and link them securely one-on-one with a valuable physical product via an industrial standard tag. Offer secure provenance, trusted ownership, premium digital convenience and a strong perpetual relationship to your customers.

Capture a detailed & trusted product provenance

With a systematic approach, the brand panel enables unparalleled accuracy and provides detailed encapsulation about the origin and history of a product which helps maintain a standardized value proposition

  • Trusted product origin & history

  • Ecosystem advantages

  • Protection gear against theft

Establishing a mechanism for securing valuable’s proof of ownership

Ensure the safety and warmth of your consumers by providing them services for transferring and sharing the ownership of their product certificates, by a simple smartphone scan with our mobile vault and in the process maintain a stronger and valuable relationship with them

  • Provide a seamless quality experience

  • Level up on your Brand value

  • Ensure care and warmth for your audience

Deploy custom smart contract for your different certificates without any coding

Scale-up your business and digitalize your physical products easily and in-bulk with smart contracts that can be deployed anytime, anywhere with simple product details and knowledge. With no coding involved make it easy for your team to work more diligently.

  • We take care of the tech, so you can enjoy the small interactions

  • Simple, smart contracts for bulk process

  • Save time, build efficiency

Secure your digital documents with our Zero Knowledge Proof protocol

Our platform works with a “No-trust” principle meaning that it will at no time transfer any file, signature, or sensitive information to Authlink servers. At all times only a file’s fingerprint data is moved across the network ensuring the file’s original data is only available with its owner

  • Secure platform functioning with owners given utmost priority

  • Easy fingerprint scan and access

  • Robust security algorithm that ensures document privacy over the network

Build a strong perpetual relationship and stay connected with your users

With a customer-centric approach, the platform helps you dwell deep into your consumer’s behavior and understand the analytics, reasoning behind it. Allowing your brand to focus on details, build personalized new-gen brand interactions which in the long run strengthens meaningful brand loyalty

  • Level up on consumer engagement

  • Build loyalty based on analytics

  • Learn, scale-up and grow with game-changing insights

Easy to use UI and SDK based platform for easy integration

The platform is built with a ground-up approach to making it easy for businesses to work together. It is easily integrated into your ERP’s and CRM’s allowing the efficiency you need to walk and run at the same time capable with its own UI to keep business the momentum going

  • A platform for all small organizations to SME’s and enterprises

  • Open-ended integration with your ERP’s and CRM’s

  • Strong and simple platform foundation for your business growth

Highly efficient, scalable and trust free platform ensuring highest security and privacy

Authlink offers a secure dashboard for institutions and brands to create and issue their product/certificate/document directly on Blockchain. The platform can be integrated with most industry-standard ERPs and CRMs enabling seamless control on all resources in their existing company dashboard. Moreover, unlike intermediary dependent SaaS, our decentralized BaaS offers:

  • Trust-free ownership on your signatures and data

  • Secure, Anti-theft and Highly Available platform

  • Seamless & Easy to manage user experience