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Engagement solutions for modern customers

Creating interactive pre and post-purchase digital experiences for consumers

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Consumers stay in control over their purchases by taking digital ownership of NFTs


Scan-based analytics on customer behavior are captured on the digital dashboard


The Mobile Vault enables brands and customers to stay connected even after sales


Customers use scannable smart labels to improve their product use experiences

Meet customer expectations with ease
  • Explore customer engagement solutions for your brand that stand out from the crowd

Create interactive consumer communities and campaigns

Use the Mobile Vault to create a vibrant community of customers, making it easier to address customer queries and also to organize exclusive campaigns that boost brand loyalty.
Make use of detailed consumer insights and analytics

Understand your consumers’ needs better by availing scan-based analytics that provide meaningful insights on their expectations, both as shoppers and as product users.
Provide irrefutable product ownership records with NFTs

Offer your customers complete control and ownership over the flow of information regarding their purchases, while also ensuring high security of their intelligent digital identities
Enable elevated product use experiences and benefits

Use intelligent labelling solutions to create QR code digital experiences for your customers, including dynamic product use tutorials, reminders on product care, reward programs, and more.
customer-product interaction
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