Educational & Professional Certificates

Curb out the problem of fake degrees and professional certificates leading to your brand dilution. Authlink issued degrees & certificates are received digitally directly into the candidate’s vault. The certificates are cryptographically signed by the issuer and our network allows verification of these certificates in seconds thus leading to a world of convenience to your candidates and their potential employers.

Benifits to University / Issuers


Protection against certificate counterfeiting and brand dilution

Cost Effective

Inexpensive to issue and manage degrees and certificates


Manage alumni relationship and have a direct communication channel with candidates

Benifits to Candidates

Secure Vault

Candidates can conveniently store and share their digital certificates with full access control


Employers and verifiers can authenticate the certificate in seconds, directly through the issuer


Access to third party services based on their credentials and seniority

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From product provenance to certificate issuance and more. Authlink can help transform your brand by adding a layer of trust and give you a revolutionary edge into brand protection, customer convenience, and perpetual relationship management

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