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Blockchain-driven, digitally empowered services for the FMCG industry

Solving product visibility and verifiability issues in the FMCG industry

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Transforming FMCG traceability

Authlink’s digitally driven platform makes each product in the intricate supply chain system of the FMCG sector easily manageable

Distinct digital assets

Record product provenance data under unique digital assets for easy maintenance

Seamless product tracking

Trace each product back to its origins as it moves along the complex supply chain

Detailed business insights

Stand out from the competition with valuable consumer and supply chain insights

Digital supply chain management

Manage supply chains digitally and easily handle the mass volume of merchandise

Immutable proof of genuinity

Verify the authenticity of each product before purchase with quick smartphone scans

Building brand loyalty

Enhance product visibility amongst end users to boost brand loyalty and trust

Prioritise product traceability
  • Make each FMCG product in the system entirely traceable and visible

  • Track each product movement individually despite the magnitude of goods

  • Nurture brand confidence amongst customers by improving transparency

Efficiently cater to customer needs
  • Project unique brand and product stories to boost customer experience

  • Open new avenues to digitally engage customers with the brand and products

  • Provide custom benefits and offers based on QR scan and purchase data

Enable digital product verifiability
  • Empower customers to trace the origins of their FMCG product purchases

  • Digitally avoid the risk of products getting tampered with or manipulated

  • Protect customer health by offering FMCG products that are entirely genuine

Enhance overall business growth
  • Utilise consumer insights to improve overall FMCG customer experience

  • Monitor overall product quality with accurate and timely supply chain analytics

  • Handle mass numbers of goods regularly with digitally enhanced services.

How it works

For brands

Data storage
Ownership verification
Process management

Assigns a distinct digital identity for each product
Records provenance information
Uploads relevant certificates & documents
Cryptographically stores data

Validates ownership details
Provides data flow regulation options
Enables easy ownership transfer
Alerts owner of relevant issues

Provides real-time supply chain insights
Generates detailed customer analytics
Creates comprehensive reports
Improves overall business efficiency

For customers

Authenticity verification
Information supply
Product maintenance

Enables QR code scanning
Makes data smartphone accessible
Provides relevant supply chain information
Ensures authenticity of each gadget

Offers product provenance information
Highlights brand’s ethical motives
Confirms genuinity of purchase
Helps in making informed purchases

Digitally stores past purchase details in Mobile Vault
Provides after-purchase recommendations
Offers exclusive benefits & services
Enables an enhanced digital experience