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Jewellery & Luxury Goods

Scale-up your business by empowering your products with a digital identity. Harness actionable data to drive supply chain and brand value throughout the product life cycle. Bestow the premium conveniences of having digital ownership to your consumers eventually nurturing an everlasting relationship with them.

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Benefits to Brands


Use blockchain security and ecosystem data to detect counterfeit and grey market activities


Have complete access and control over product provenance along with interlinked asset history such as QA certifications.


Leverage your user engagement experience by being in direct connection with the product owner

Consumer Insights

Make use of actionable data and engagement insights to optimize decisions and personalized marketing campaigns

Benefits to Owners


With our one-stop mobile vault for you to store all your valuables within a secure blockchain network


Take advantage of our ever-growing third-party services, such as loans, insurances, and valuation

Transfer made simple

Deactivate your stress with our secure easy ownership transfer facility while gifting and reselling


Now check the genuineness of your product purchase from the ease of your smartphone with a simple scan