Jewellery & Luxury Goods

Create a verifiable digital record of your product provenance ensuring the elimination of brand counterfeiting and encouraging more trust with your customers. With Authlink, product owners receive their ownership and authenticity certificate directly into their Blockchain vault. Go digital and offer premium services easily to your customers while maintaining a strong perpetual relationship with them.

Benifits to Brands


Brand Protection and protection from grey markets


The provenance of the product along with interlinked asset history such as QA certifications


A direct communication channel between brand and product owner


Trusted and verified analytics for your industry and customer segment

Benifits to Owners


Secure and convenient vault for owners to manage all their valuables digitally


Easily access third-party services, such as loans, insurances, and valuation

Hassel Free

Transfer the ownership securely while re-selling and gifting


Verify a product authenticity easily in seconds

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From product provenance to certificate issuance and more. Authlink can help transform your brand by adding a layer of trust and give you a revolutionary edge into brand protection, customer convenience, and perpetual relationship management

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Managing your valuables and getting maximum benefits out of them was never this easier. Download the app and explore the world of convenience & security.