Authlink is an ecosystem for the luxury industry in order to bring more transparency in products, securing product ownership, keeping in touch with your users, and ultimately offer your new generation customers the digital premium convenience.

Early-bird membership signups are now open. Become a part of our global luxury market network and bring in the new generation layer of trust and digital experience to your brand.

Secure Provenance

Build traceable and transparent sourcing, certification, ownership, and more with valuable products. Protection from counterfeiting and grey-marketing.

Digital Convenience

Products registered at Authlink can be accessed by customers with their Vault app. Offer a premium convenience to do more with their valuables digitally.

Connect with Owners

Creates an everlasting communication channel for you to stay connected with the product’s current owner. Never lose touch with them again!

Protection from Counterfeiting and Secure Brand Identity

Authlink is building a coherent ecosystem for brands, independent QA’s, and product owners to register product-related information onto the network; the ecosystem data together creates a chain of trusted information regarding a valuable product ensuring its provenance, proof of authentication, and proof of ownership. By joining Authlink, brands create a layer of trust and transparency giving access to their customers to test the product’s provenance and authenticity easily.

Premium Digital Convenience for New Generation Luxury Customers

The new generations are changing how the Luxury Market has been functioning for decades. While earlier Luxury has long been about the brand and the quality of the products, but for new generations, it’s more about experiences and emotions. Luxury consumers are getting younger and more diverse. Their lifestyle is now fully digital and their preferences to explore, shop, and manage products are going mobile and online. Authlink new generation product management capabilities including Vault app offers owners to do more with their valuable products.

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From product provenance to certificate issuance and more. Authlink can help transform your brand by adding a layer of trust and give you a revolutionary edge into brand protection, customer convenience, and perpetual relationship management

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