Digital Vault for your Valuable Products | Authlink

Secure, Convenient and
Private Vault for all Valuables

Store and safeguard all your valuables, certificates, and important documents electronically. A mobile vault built on Blockchain and designed for the respect of your privacy.

Import your Physical
Valuables & Certificates

Create a digital identity of all your existing valuable products, certificates, and secure their important documentation on our trusted Authlink Network.

  • Create valuable’s digital identity over Blockchain in less than a minute

  • Store, share and avail value-added services on your valuables

  • Get valuables signed and certified by the manufactures to unlock all benefits

Receive Certificates directly from Issuer

Get fully authenticated valuable product documentation and your certificates directly from a wide range of issuers already issuing their certificates on Authlink Network.

  • Conveniently receive and manage all your products & certificates electronically

  • Avail a wide range of value-added services on your fully authenticated valuables

  • Get important notifications and alerts from the brands you trust and own

Securely transfer product
and certificate digitally

Our powerful Blockchain-enabled mobile vault makes it seamless and easy to transfer your valuables ownership across the globe, online, and in seconds.

  • Secure transfer of ownership along with all related documentation

  • Creates a digital footprint of a valuable history across the timeline

  • Automatically checks the authenticity and inform brand of change in ownership

Get Value Added
on your
Valuables & Certificates

The app enables convenience for managing a range of valuables you own and certificates you are awarded. From getting product insurance to getting a personal loan and much more.

  • Receive curated recommendation on managing your product effectively

  • Get personalized offers and exclusive depending on your certificate credentials

  • Get curated access to the insurers, financers, warranty, repairs and much more

Easy Sharing & Full
on your Privacy

Share your certificates to prove your ownership or certificate validity easily. The mobile app is built for your privacy and at all time you have full control of your certificate visibility.

  • Create unique certificate sharing links for a limited duration access

  • Manage, extend and revoke any permissions you have created with a click

  • Blockchain provides the proven and best in class security and digital privacy

Authenticate a Valuable
/ Certificate in seconds

A simple scan of a QR code or by inserting the unique certificate ID provided to you by the current owner will allow you to test the authenticity of the asset on our network in seconds.

  • Test authenticity of a certificate in seconds with a scan of QR code / Certificate ID

  • See related documentation of valuables and certificates along with its history

  • Save time and money going through the current unreliable process of issuer verification