Authlink enhances transparency and traceability in Unicas’s covid-19 relief kit distribution efforts

Unicas has launched the #NoOneSleepsHungry campaign to aid the covid-19 relief efforts in India, and Authlink is assisting to promote transparency, accountability and traceability throughout the endeavour. 

Unicas’s Initiative:

The second wave of covid-19 is causing hunger and unemployment levels to rise across India, and a lot of families have been left vulnerable because of it. Unicas is the popular blockchain-based financial platform Cashaa’s Indian subsidiary and has multiple physical branches operating in different parts of India. Unicas’s team kickstarted the #NoOneSleepsHungry campaign to provide food and other essentials to families in need across the most affected areas in the country. The initiative launched under the title ‘Crypto for COVID’ has already been helpful in successfully distributing over a thousand relief kits across affected areas in Jaipur and Delhi. 

The Challenges:

The campaign started in areas like Delhi and Jaipur where Unicas’s team used their existing resources and infrastructure to distribute the relief kits. However, as Unicas’s campaign started to extend across different regions in India, it became imperative to set up an efficient system to effectively manage the inventory as well as the relief kit distribution. It also became necessary to track the kits in real-time from start to finish, to prevent hurdles along the way as well as to assist the affected families on a timely basis. Otherwise, it could become a challenge to efficiently distribute kits as intended in all the right locations at the right time. 

Also, ensuring the security of information related to the campaign was deemed essential to prevent data tampering and manipulation. Moreover, maintaining the transparency of the relief kits’ supply chains was also a requirement to advance the campaign efforts even further, as was establishing accountability for each transaction along the supply chain for the benefit of donors, stakeholders and other beneficiaries.


The Solution:

Authlink’s digitally-driven platform offers a range of solutions that ensure the traceability and authenticity of the products in the ecosystem, as well as the transparency and efficiency of their supply chain networks. The platform also offers high data security and privacy protection.

Authlink teamed up with Supplyz, which is a B2B hyperlocal supply chain management startup, to provide Unicas with a safe, efficient and manageable supply and delivery tracking system and boost the organization’s covid-19 relief efforts. Supplyz has been ensuring that the delivery of relief kits across various regions occurs smoothly. The following processes are being managed for Unicas’s campaign by Authlink.

  • Maintaining a record of the total number of kits distributed, allotted and packed by Unicas
  • Creating an accurate record of the distribution areas successfully covered under the campaign
  • Systematically tracking and recording inventory details concerning the supplies yet to be distributed to the affected families
  • Creating smart tags for the packages of each relief kit to make them easily traceable and manageable
  • Updating the relief kit journey and status in real-time to ensure timely delivery in affected areas
  • Keeping a clear record of the relief kit’s progress even after distribution to ensure data accountability and as a future reference.

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Authlink’s Contributions to the Campaign’s Success:

Authlink assists in advancing Unicas’s campaign by ensuring the following :

1. Supply chain transparency:

Authlink’s platform enables complete transparency of the campaign’s efforts, from updating accurate inventory information to tracking the specific areas in which the relief kits are supplied. Each relief kit is also easily trackable using its smart tag label. By ensuring transparency in the supply chain system, Authlink ensures high efficiency in the organization’s campaign endeavours. 

2. Data authenticity:

The genuineness of all data uploaded into the system is prioritized by Authlink. Therefore, Authlink’s platform ensures that the entire campaign information updated in the platform is accurate, verifiable and protected against manipulation or interference. The platform also ensures that the privacy of the data is maintained properly at all times as well.  

3. Up-to-date information:

Keeping all the information up-to-date is important for the campaign, as there are a large number of relief kits being delivered and in stock, as well as multiple regions being covered. Therefore, Authlink’s platform assists in keeping the information updated in real-time to prevent ambiguity throughout the relief efforts. 

4. Systematic record:

Authlink’s platform makes it possible to keep all information related to the campaign systematic and easily accessible when required. The platform uploads accurate and relevant data about the inventory including its weight and types, the number of relief kits in stock and distribution, the exact delivery status of the kits, and so on. This makes it easy for Unicas to keep a track of the campaign’s activities without any additional hassle. 

5. Accountability:

Authlink’s platform ensures clear proof of ownership of all products and information in the ecosystem. Unicas is always in control of all the information uploaded on the platform regarding the campaign. The platform has also boosted accountability for all the activities that are undertaken as part of the relief efforts under each supply chain link. Therefore, it has become easier to provide campaign information to donors and other stakeholders involved in the relief efforts. 

Why Unicas Opted for Authlink’s Services:

1. Ease and convenience:

Authlink’s platform offers a range of blockchain-driven solutions that have already been proven helpful for businesses that want to digitize their product management and traceability efforts. The platform is easy to use as well as convenient for keeping track of every transaction happening along the supply chain. Similarly, using the platform, Unicas can boost its campaign efforts and also bring ease and efficiency in managing the inventory and relief kit distribution in various parts of the country. 

2. Data security: 

It is entirely possible to protect the privacy and security of every bit of information uploaded in Authlink’s digitally advanced, state-of-the-art platform. The platform also provides complete control to the product owners in managing the data.Therefore, Unicas can ensure that the campaign data remains accurate and accountable, and thereby keep donors and beneficiaries accurately informed about the status of the campaign activities. 

3. Verifiability and traceability:

Authlink’s platform boosts transparency of the supply chain of every product in the ecosystem and keeps track of all related transactions on a timely basis. The platform makes tracing product data far simpler and cost-effective than it would be if done manually. Unicas is making use of Authlink’s digital services to bring greater visibility in their campaign efforts, which consequently ensures smooth operations from start to finish. It is helping ensure that each link in the supply chain can be easily traced. 

Current Status of the Campaign:

The campaign is ongoing successfully and has helped feed over a thousand families in the Northern regions of India. Unicas procured funds and placed an order with Supplyz to distribute a thousand more relief kits in the affected areas in the state of Bihar. With the help of Auhtlink Smart Tags, Unicas has been able to track relief kits efficiently and recently fed over two hundred families in need. Authlink is actively assisting in the campaign with its digital services and is striving to enhance the overall transparency and manageability of the relief efforts. 

What Authlink Offers – At a Glance:

Authlink offers a state-of-the-art platform in which organizations can use to digitally manage their activities, boost supply chain efficiency and ensure business transparency and accountability. The platform also makes valuable data tamper-proof and safe from security threats. 

To find out more about Authlink’s premium, blockchain-driven services, visit www.authlink.com

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