Authlink: Network that gives you more than a benefit

One must be aware of distributed data networks or simply Blockchain. Divided on a cloud network space it allows you to put everything on space and share everything you want, but only if you have the key to it. Similarly based on the very technology Authlink is a platform not just sharing a space but providing you a super-secure platform.

A network that can come over counterfeiting problems:

The approach with the Internet is sketched today, one can consume the equivalent value – preceded as a digital asset – recurring times because digital learning can be imitated, and copies of that identical digital entity can be transmitted from one computer to many other computers at the corresponding time. Authlink is designed in such a way that counterfeiting is not a problem anymore. It does it while counterfeiting real benefits like bills and money is apparently conceivable, it normally requires significant expertise, since they are meant to be hard (and valuable) to imitate.

A Network that creates a Digital Footprint:

Authlink’s network is smart and tech-savvy. It creates several milestones for its users once they are registered on this platform. Several big benefits which include authenticity, security, and digital ownership of a user or party. It includes a chain of third-party services that might be useful for several instances if you own a car, smartphone, or even wants to buy a diamond or diamond certification. The network generates a digital footprint of each step included in the making of a result and the issuance of a certificate. Moreover based on the modern blockchain technology all these processes will be performed on a digitized platform, secured and encrypted end to end.

The footprints which hence are created on this Network make sure these three points:

Product & Certificate Provenance

A certificate provenance proves that the artist or the owner of the product is genuine. That can include several other information like provenance and institution if students. All these processes are done on Authlink’s digital ecosystem with stepwise verification to create an authenticity of the product and give out a certificate allowance to the user. In simple words, this information is stored in the block with encrypted messages from the sender to the receiver end, which means nobody can forge it.

Proof of Authenticity

This one feature makes this platform very famous. Testimonials/Proof of authenticity display authorities that you conformed to the task of filling out a certificate of authenticity form, and that you understand that your work is estimable. This is a very important task and a step for the people who own big businesses to say Diamonds. Authlink uses its powered technology to create a proof of authenticity for any brand and product, which can save them from forging and counterfeiting issues.

Proof of Ownership

Proof of ownership ensures the rights on a certain property or product one owns. Without having proof, there can be a lot of trouble in this tech fascinated era. Where counterfeiting, robbery, and other fraudulent activities are common. To secure one’s product or any asset, Authlink generates the ownership certificates and footprints. These are legally secure and encrypted and secured with the use of blockchain technology.

Apart from just giving serious problems a solution, Authlink Network is user friendly and most engaging for the audience and its users with multiple services. Authlink has been created in the consideration of modern-day needs and challenges faced by people in their day to day life.

Schedule a free demo of the Authlink platform here, or sign up for the beta version here.

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