Authlink: Service of the future!

Let’s begin with Blockchain, widely used with thousands of services, all encrypted yet visible to the whole world. It definitely has mastered the era of the Internet, where things are now digitized. Looking back in time when the computer was not just an invention but a new beginning of digitization. But if you know the history Blockchain existed long back, the only difference is nobody knew back then.

Using this blockchain technology, Authlink a platform for future services and security is now pulling the strings back to a new beginning. Here are some of the major features Authlink enables through its one-step registration and verification.

Authentication and security

How blockchain works are not beyond the pines to anyone now, deploying the same network Authlink does something similar. Security and Authentication of your brand. In the world of forging and fraudulent activities, one needs to make sure that their company or product is safe and ownership is secured. If not so brands and companies may have to pay a high price for not keeping up to date. Authlink makes it easy by its blockchain encrypted network.

Brand protection

Brands and big companies always have a threat to their security and privacy in terms of the products they sell or services they provide. While Authlink’s inbuilt ecosystem sustains security for such brand issues. This works in a very simple way, the brands or owners need to register themselves with simple QR scan technology. While doing this the brand gets registered on the Authlink’s encrypted ecosystem. This further creates digital footprints of documentation and identification in a cloud form, stays forever encrypted and safe. This is how the brand image is sheltered and ownership is secured on Authlink’s blockchain network.

Third-party services

We often look for additional services for our smartphones or cars, but not instantly we know where to go. Even if someone wants to buy a diamond, to create the valid documentation or insure the seller is authentic in his/her business. These are the third party businesses we come across usually. On Authlink, once you are registered the chaos of not finding the right person for your service will turn into several choices. This comes as a benefit, as you can directly interact with the third party on Authlink’s diverse network and connectivity. The third-party services in real life are scattered and impossible to find the right one. Authlink removes this biggest obstacle and connects you to the best.

Digital Ownership 

Digital ownership is a simple reality of this time where everything physical is converting into the digital aspect. The first reason is that it is safe and convenient for the world to function digitally. Right now educational institutes are turning everything into digital, banks, corporates, and businesses they all are running digitally. Now to ensure all your digital platforms with security Authlink creates a safe Network. Brands can protect their certification and ownerships digitally and secure them on this encrypted network rather than being on papers.

Hence, not one but multiples use and choices are available on the Authlink network to maintain brand relations and giving them the best services mastered by blockchain technology and smart minds.

Schedule a free demo of the Authlink platform here, or sign up for the beta version here.

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