Enhancing Organic Food Traceability with Blockchain

Enhancing Organic Food Traceability with Blockchain

The number of consumers actively seeking organic food is growing day by day. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in scams as well, and even the actual worth of organic food has come under question. However, digitizing organic food supply chains could be the answer to resolving the issue.

Understanding the organic food trend:

There are several reasons why organic food has gained popularity in the past few years, mainly because:

  • Consumers are wary of the synthetic fertilizers used in conventional food, and organic food promises to be grown using natural fertilizers.
  • There is far less risk of being affected by chemical herbicides with organic food than with conventional food.
  • Organic products are meant to be ethically and humanely sourced by following the most eco-friendly practices.
  • Conventional meat and dairy products are linked to harmful antibiotics that are used to prevent livestock diseases, whereas natural methods are used during organic food production.

Addressing major issues in the organic food industry:

Organic food tends to be more expensive than conventional foods, which has led to several businesses turning it into a marketing gimmick. This has led to several consumers getting exploited after purchasing products that are labeled organic but are not so. This has not only caused customers to lose faith in the particular brands that sold the mislabeled goods but also in the organic foods industry in general.

As a solution to the problem, boosting organic food supply chain transparency has become imperative. It has become necessary to set up a convenient system for both brands and their customers alike to track and authenticate organic food provenance. While this is a difficult feat to achieve manually, blockchain technology can help make things simple in many ways.

Promoting transparency in the organic food industry with blockchain:

Blockchain technology is making its way across multiple industries, and the organic food sector is no exception. It is an ideal solution for food brands that want to strengthen their relationships with customers and enhance the efficiency and traceability of their supply chain systems.

Promoting transparency in the organic food industry

The following are the major ways in which blockchain technology boosts transparency in the organic food industry:

Blockchain technology boosts transparency in the organic food industry

1. Enables customers to ensure that proper agricultural practices are being followed:

There is a lack of awareness among many customers regarding the agricultural practices used to produce organic food products, and how they differ from traditional methods. Using blockchain technology, brands can ensure that relevant information is revealed to customers during purchase to clear up their queries. For instance, brands can use Authlink Smart Tags to empower customers to scan product labels and immutable product data records on their own.

2. Helps brands reveal the humane conditions under which animal-based products are sourced:

The notoriety of the conventional meat and dairy industry is what has driven a large number of customers to the organic food industry. The customers want to know if the animals are treated right in hygienic environments in farms before they are processed. Through the blockchain-driven Authlink platform, customers can trace their organic meat and dairy products right back to the source and put their minds at ease.

3. Assists concerned customers in protecting their own and the planet’s health:

Chemical pesticides are not only harmful to human health but also that of the earth. Many consumers purchase organic food for the sole reason that they have not been exposed to toxic chemicals at any point. By making use of Authlink’s end-to-end traceability solutions, brands can bring transparency along the supply chain system from start to finish, and reveal the sustainable practices they follow. Enhanced traceability will further boost customer loyalty and trust.

Are you looking for a feasible solution to enhance your organic food brand’s transparency? Schedule a free demo of the Authlink platform here, or sign up for the beta version here.

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