Essential Smart Tags Guide: Creating Multiple Digital Product Experiences

Customer engagement tends to be a top priority for any brand that wants to gain an edge over the competition. The best way to win customer appeal is by going above and beyond to make shopping experiences as memorable as possible.

There’s no doubt that smart labels like QR codes, RFID, and NFC tags make it a lot easier for brands to market themselves and their products. It is also true that smart tags have opened up new avenues to offer great benefits to consumers.

If you are wondering how your brand can switch things up for customers, then Authlink Smart Tags could be what you were looking for.

What customer benefits can brands create with smart tags?

Countless brands are offering similar products in the market across industries. Customers are always spoilt for choice, regardless of whether they are purchasing a smartphone or a bar of soap. The best way to catch customer attention is by offering exciting shopping benefits no other brand provides. When the benefits continue after purchase, it is even better.

With Authlink Smart Tags, you can give your customers several meaningful benefits pre and post-purchase, and the major ones are as follows:

While making purchase decisions:

Create customized benefits, offers and discounts

Create customized benefits, offers and discounts

Customer demand for a product tends to vary with location, timing, occasion, and so on. Authlink Smart Tags help your brand stay alert of changing consumer needs and accordingly create customized discounts, cashback offers, and so on.

For example, your regular customer can get a special discount upon scanning a product label at the store on his/her birthday. Similarly, imagine that a customer decides to buy sunglasses on a hot day. By scanning the smart label, he/she gets an instant discount by adding a hat from the same brand to the cart as well. Possibilities like these are endless with Authlink Smart Tags.

After product purchase:

Introduce point-based loyalty schemes

Authlink Smart Tags make your brand’s loyalty campaigns even more convenient to access for your customers. For instance, a customer signs up for your brand’s loyalty scheme during the first purchase using the product’s smart label. From then on, whenever the customer buys products from your brand again, he/she keeps adding points by scanning the smart tags. Eventually, the customer scans, redeems the points, and avails great discounts during future purchases.

Customers love it when brands create reward schemes as they help in saving a lot of money, particularly when they make frequent purchases from the same brand. Such schemes also help you retain brand loyalty in the long run.

During product use:

Offer dynamic product user tutorials and services

Offer dynamic product user tutorials and services

There are certain types of products whose manner of usage evolves with time. Your brand can prepare to deal with the variations using Authlink Smart Tags. You can also convey repair, warranty, and insurance details when requested by consumers. Smart tags also make it convenient for customers to submit feedback on product use when necessary.

Take the example of a customer who purchases moisturizer during the winter season. During the initial smart tag scan, the cosmetics brand instructs the customer how to keep skin from drying out when it’s cold outside. When the customer scans the smart label again during the summer season, he/she is advised on how the moisturizer works best for the skin in hot weather.

Also, consider the possibility of a leather jacket that sends cleaning reminders upon scanning its smart label, or a watch that provides warranty details instantly when it is time for repair. Initiatives like these help customers get the most out of their purchases and ensure an elevated product use experience.

After product expiry:

Provide reuse, refill and recycle guidance

Depending on its nature, a product may need to be refilled, put to a different use, or sustainably disposed of when its expiry date is around the corner. Your customers will appreciate being instructed when they happen, which is when Authlink Smart Tags come in handy.

Take the example of a pair of well-worn boots; it should not be taking up space in its user’s wardrobe anymore. Introducing the user to reward-to-recycle schemes at this stage is a great idea. When the user scans the boots’ smart label, he/she gets detailed instructions on the best recycling options available in the region, or even recommendations on how to transform them into something else like planters or centerpieces. Customers find such instructions useful to save time, space and money, and to possibly get rewarded.

Provide reuse, refill and recycle guidance

Brands use Authlink Smart Tags to keep customers happy, interested, and engaged with their products and services. And the best part? Employing them is a relatively simple, inexpensive, and worthwhile process.

If you are interested in testing Authlink Smart Tags for your brand, schedule a free demo to get started.

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