Establishing Proof of Ownership Made Simple With Blockchain Technology

In the current fast-paced world fraught with mass production issues, establishing proof of ownership has become more important than ever. This is especially true for industries like fashion, jewelry and high-end beauty products,

Why is it necessary to establish proof of ownership?

Growing brands like Authlink are attempting to create a practical system to handle ownership issues and bridge the gap between customers and their valuable products for the following reasons.

  1. Counterfeiting issues are growing; it has become almost impossible to distinguish between real and fake products due to the misuse of technology. This issue is particularly troublesome in the luxury goods industry.
  2. Due to mass production, there are too many similar products belonging to the same and different brands circulating in the global market. It is important to establish ownership in this situation.
  3. Transferring products from one person to another becomes much easier and far less cumbersome when there is a time-efficient way to verify product ownership, particularly while passing down heirlooms.
  4. Many people like to resell expensive products after a point of time. There have been scamming issues in such situations, and verifying ownership cribs such issues easily.

Considering all these factors, blockchain technology is now making its way to the front as a solution to customers’ ownership woes, once and for all.

How does blockchain technology help in creating secure proof of ownership?

Using blockchain technology, Authlink brings ease, efficiency and authenticity to the ownership issue in the following ways.

1. Makes ownership digitally verifiable:

As the entire world is going digital, why not take full advantage of the amazing product management opportunities it has to offer? On the Authlink platform, all the relevant information about your product’s ownership is recorded securely. You can access them at any time, and they are completely safe from privacy and safety risks. Anyone can verify that you are the true owner of the product with ease with a simple smartphone scan.

2. Brings cost and time efficiency to the ownership confirmation process:

Usually, it takes a lot of time, money and effort to confirm the ownership of a valuable product. Take the example of an expensive vintage watch. The owner needs to manage several paper documents to maintain ownership of the watch. However, such issues are easily resolved on the Authlink platform. All valuable documents can be uploaded to the cryptographically secure platform, where its contents remain intact from manipulation.

3. Creates a safe space for customers to manage the products they own:

On Authlink Mobile Vault, customers can keep a detailed record and manage the valuable products they have purchased. It is a great way to keep track of past purchases, access product details whenever required, and verify their ownership status.

4. Enables easy transfer of ownership with minimal hassle:

Authlink Mobile Vault makes it simple for a person to transfer the ownership of their product to another person. Even if it is an expensive diamond necklace that is in question, it is possible in a matter of minutes, no joke. This is a far cry from waiting around with piles of papers wasting unnecessary time and effort. Ownership transfers happen in a snap in a completely secure manner.

Take ownership of your valuable products- Get started today

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