Healthcare equipment brands adopt blockchain-driven services to elevate their customer experience

While the number of healthcare products being sold around the world is on the rise, the industry’s digital presence remains surprisingly low. Authlink drives up falling healthcare equipment brand-customer interaction with convenient, state-of-the-art, and worthwhile blockchain solutions.

The Challenge:

Healthcare product businesses generally rely on non-digital means to establish connections with their customers and market their equipment. This poses a series of challenges, as follows:

1. Minimal interaction by brands with customers after sales: 

There is minimal interaction between customers and brands once the purchase is made with few exceptions, such as consumer feedback. However, with the number of healthcare product businesses on the rise, such low communication levels are not enough to build lasting relationships based on loyalty.

2. Low customer-product connectivity at any point in time:

Most customers only buy healthcare products when it becomes necessary. However, though there are several products in the market that aid customers’ wellbeing in the long run, and need not be purchased only as a response to severe ailments, they fail to get recognized. This is mainly due to the lack of interaction between customers and healthcare products unless there is no other option and alarmingly low awareness about the products.

3. No feasible option for customers to get queries addressed:

It is normal for customers to face issues, both big and small, while using healthcare products, especially if they are not familiar with their usage. However, when product queries go largely unnoticed, it leads to growing dissatisfaction toward the brand and its products.

4. Low brand and product awareness among customers:

Since many customers have to learn how to use their healthcare products on their own, giving them proper guidance is absolutely essential. Generally, healthcare equipment brands provide manuals. However, they are not effective enough in making customers understand the dos and don’ts of using their products.

The Solution

By partially digitizing operations in the healthcare equipment industry, it is possible to bridge the existing gaps between healthcare product brands, their customers, and the products they use. While many businesses are reluctant to make the digital switch due to concerns over data privacy, difficulty in bringing customers onboard, and related concerns, blockchain technology can do far more good than any harm to the relationship between brands and their product users.

With the blockchain-driven Authlink platform, healthcare product businesses enable the following functions:

1. After-sales support:

After-sales support

Offering the best after-sales service to customers is almost effortless using the Authlink platform. In the case of electronic healthcare tools, managing warranty claims and ensuring accurate product registration is essential. While doing so tends to be cumbersome and time-consuming for both brands and their customers alike, such processes are eased when done digitally. Brands can update relevant information online, and customers can keep track of their product data in the same way. With accurate, blockchain-based data records, there is no room for manipulation either.

Healthcare equipment brands have a higher scope of upselling products when their customers gain more awareness regarding the benefits of doing so. The best way to impart such information efficiently is by using the smart code-enabled solutions that Authlink offers. Customers access all the data they want to know about their healthcare products with just a few taps on their smartphones. This cultivates an interest in customers’ minds about the benefits of their products.

Upsell related products or consumables

3. Educate customers on product usage, DIY if any issues, etc:

Educate customers on product usage

A simple yet effective way to ensure that customers use their products properly is by giving them detailed and dynamic tutorials. This helps customers make the right decisions while using their products. Adding personalized suggestions and tips also goes a long way in prompting customers to be more loyal to the particular healthcare product brand as well.

4. Automate service/support part to reduce manual work and manpower so that they can scale easily:

In the digital age, it makes no sense to waste unnecessary manpower on activities that can easily be automated. This is particularly true for processing repetitive transactions. On the Authlink platform, all the data is safe from privacy threats thanks to the advancement of blockchain technology. Customers appreciate getting automated reminders on their product use, and this boosts satisfaction rates.

Automate service/support part to reduce manual work and manpower so that they can scale easily

1. Enabling after-sales support to customers:

On the conveniently designed, user-friendly Authlink platform, retaining customer loyalty and interest becomes simple. Using the platform’s Customer Connect feature, brands can target specific customer segments with personalized campaigns, benefits, support, and much more. Customers, on the other hand, can keep up to date with the latest healthcare products in the market that match their evolving needs.

2. Connecting customers with their purchased products:

Healthcare equipment brands can easily educate customers on how to use their products using the Authlink platform. This includes the use of dynamic product use tutorials, informative videos, timely personal care reminders, and much more. Brands can also assist customers during self-treatment to prevent issues and ensure that they remain safe. This is perfectly achievable using Authlink Smart Tags since customers can easily scan product labels to unlock relevant information.

3. Enabling 2-way communication between brands & product owners:

Authlink’s Customer Connect feature comprises an easy-to-use chat box feature that makes it convenient for healthcare equipment brands to directly communicate with their customers and vice versa. Customers can easily get their queries addressed and brands can enhance brand and product awareness with minimal hassle.

Authlink’s involvement in the healthcare sector promises higher customer convenience and brand efficiency

Prioritizing digital innovation

Authlink is transforming the way healthcare equipment brands connect with their customers and how consumers perceive their products.

  • User-friendly platform
  • Simple-to-use services
  • No data leak risks
  • Efficient operations

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