How a Traceable and Efficient Supply Chain System Benefits Customers

Businesses have a lot to benefit from establishing transparent and efficient supply chain systems. Studies have shown that 57% of companies believe that supply chain management gives them a competitive edge that enables them to further develop their business. From a business perspective, a well managed supply chain helps in cutting down costs, minimising risks, improving sustainability, increasing employee satisfaction rates, and so on. However, there is a different set of benefits that customers get to experience due to a brand’s supply chain visibility as well, which are as follows:

  • It helps customers make informed purchase decisions:

Consumer consciousness regarding the environmental, humanitarian and ethical implications of their purchases is growing with each passing day. Due to rising competition among brands across industries, customers now have the luxury of buying products that match their demands the best. Conscious customers would want to make their purchases from brands that follow sustainable business practices. This is where a transparent supply chain system becomes beneficial. Customers get to understand clearly what the motives of each brand are, and make their purchase decisions accordingly. In short, transparent supply chain systems prevent customers from settling for products that do not fit their expectations.

  • It provides reassurance about the genuinity of consumer purchases:

Product counterfeiting is a serious issue that customers face worldwide, especially while attempting to purchase expensive products. Counterfeit products have evolved to a point in which it is hard to differentiate them from the genuine ones. When brands make their supply chains transparent, customers can save themselves from falling for scammers to a significant extent. Customers can access any brand’s supply chain data and confirm the authenticity of purchases, and thereby avoid a lot of trouble in the future.

  • It establishes deeper brand-customer relationships:

Customers tend to remain loyal towards specific brands that tick all the right boxes. However, it can often get difficult to choose the right brand to trust due to false advertising, lack of transparency, and the sheer volume of brands selling similar products. When such a situation persists, customers can put their faith in brands that try their best to improve supply chain visibility and sustainability. In general customers prefer brands with more transparent supply chains than those that do not. As per statistics, 70% of supply chain officials believe that the supply chain will be a key driver of customer service in this decade.

  • It promotes a transparent and risk-free shopping experience:

The entire business world is going digital, and traditional shopping trends are rapidly evolving. The future of shopping appears to be digital, and supply chain transparency appears to be what brands are depending on to stay ahead of the competition. This transformation is definitely going to be a positive experience for customers as it comes with lower risks and higher brand loyalty. As more and more brands switch to efficient supply chain systems, the quality of shopping experience is going to improve dramatically for customers.

How Authlink promotes supply chain transparency and effectiveness:

Authlink’s platform is used by brands to create unique digital identities for their products, which make them traceable across the supply chain. Provenance information is recorded under Authlink’s digital assets in a secure and tamper-proof manner. Customers can access the supply chain data by scanning product labels with their smartphones before making purchases. By assisting brands and their customers at the same time, Authlink is revolutionizing digital shopping for the better.

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