How to Boost The Sales of Your Food and Beverage Brand with Transparency Solutions

“Where exactly did the food on my plate come from?”: This is something that most people have wondered about at some point or the other. However, in this day and age, it has become an active concern that food and beverage brands need to address. Queries about the quality, ethics and sustainability of food and beverage production have become increasingly common among consumers. It is upto brands to address these queries and provide customers the food experience they deserve.

What are the common customer concerns and their solutions in the F & B industry?

Imagine setting up an open kitchen in a restaurant so that diners get a clear view of their food getting prepared. This is quite similar to how business transparency in the food and beverage industry works. Generally, customers need to know that:

  • Only quality ingredients have made it into their products
  • Their food was prepared under hygienic conditions
  • Their purchases do not lead to grave carbon emissions
  • The ingredients are ethically sourced

Many business giants in the industry are trying their best to address these issues. For instance, Unilever has introduced a Climate Transition Action plan to do their part in slowing down climate change and promote overall business transparency. Similarly, beverage brand Heineken is drawing attention by throwing light on their sustainable sourcing efforts.

Generally, it is harder for smaller food and beverage brands to gain an edge over the bigger ones. However, when it comes to promoting transparency, growing brands will find it easier since their supply chains and operations are smaller, and their products are also locally sourced most of the time.

These factors make it simpler for brands to provide their customers information about the ingredients, sustainable and ethical motives, and safety aspects of their products. But of course, brands of all sizes need to promote transparency to keep up with the competition and retain customers, which is why digitization has become essential.

What can F & B brands do to promote transparency?

A great way for a food and beverage brand to stand out from the crowd is by mingling its provenance stories with state-of-the-art packaging technology. It is not just enough to mention brief information on the product label and expect customers to be satisfied with that. Instead, you can use intelligent labelling solutions to create smart packages for your products. Customers can scan these labels with their smartphones and access detailed and interesting stories about where their food comes from. This will not only help draw customer attention, but will also promote loyalty in the long run.

Food and beverage brands can establish a system of transparency by making each link in their supply chains traceable, from the farm to the table. For example, a meat brand can highlight the following aspects:

  • The conditions under which its farm animals are raised
  • The ethical and sustainable practices followed on the farm
  • The hygiene standards followed in processing the meat
  • The quality certifications of the products
  • The basic specs of the meat packages

Providing such information can go a long way in easing customer minds and enhancing overall trust in the company. Increased business transparency also leads to higher brand value and reputation.

Authlink assists food and beverage brands in employing a range of business solutions that promote transparency and traceability of their products. This includes empowering customers to track secure product provenance in a quick and simple manner with their smartphones. The platform makes it easy for brands to highlight their sustainability and ethics in a time and cost effective manner.

By creating a digital space to provide information, Authlink emphasizes on personalizing information  based on each customer’s needs. The platform also establishes direct interaction channels between brands and customers, and this further helps in breaking down barriers and ensuring crystal clear communication.

What next?

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