How to Create Interactive Digital Experiences With Smart Labels

Many emerging brands have the (mistaken) notion that the latest digital shopping experiences are only meant for big brands with even bigger bucks to spare. For far too long, rising brands have looked at such innovations from afar without using them on their own. But now it’s time for things to change, and Authlink can help brands like yours make the digital leap.

What makes Authlink’s services useful for your brand:

How exactly can Authlink help your brand get a digital makeover, you might ask? Well, it’s simple: with NFTs and smart labels. NFTs are basically unique digital units that store data in blockchain networks. Many associate NFTs with GIFs and nostalgic videos that are being auctioned for millions of dollars, but it’s so much more than that. On Authlink’s platform, NFTs are linked to physical products. The NFTs work like digital mirrors and record all product related transactions in real-time. This makes it easy for brands to keep an eye on their products at all times without breaking the bank. Sounds good, right?

Now coming to smart labels, you must surely have scanned one at some point of time as they’re really popular these days. Authlink’s smart tags operate with QR codes as well as RFID and NFC tags, and they are helpful for conveying information to customers. Big brands use smart tags all the time to take their shopping experiences to a whole new level. For example, you might’ve heard of a Chinese gaming company that recently flew 1500 drones to form a QR code for bystanders to scan. Such strategies are certainly impressive, but are considered a pipe dream by many brands. However, this should not stop your brand from using smart tags to stand out from the crowd as well. 

How your brand can reel customers in with Authlink’s help:

Here’s a gist of how things work at Authlink:

  1. A brand creates an NFT for a real-life product
  2. The NFT digitally records product journey data 
  3. The brand creates a scannable smart label for the product 
  4. A customer scans the smart tag with his/her smartphone
  5. The product’s data becomes available for the customer instantly
  6. The customer learns about the product and makes a purchase decision

As you can tell, Authlink offers a simple yet great way for your brand to give something new and interesting to customers. And there’s no doubt that customers tend to love it, because:

  • It helps them figure out if their purchases are authentic or not:

In Authlink’s ecosystem, all product NFTs are easy to track and verify whenever required. It’s easy for customers to tell a real product apart from the fake one when it’s smartly labelled with Authlink’s help. In a world full of duplicate products, highlighting product authenticity will help your brand gain an edge and win customer appeal. You’ll also get scan-based insights that can help your brand meet customer needs better.

  • It saves them a lot of time and effort in confirming product sustainability:

The number of consumers who don’t want to make things any worse for the planet than it’s now is on the rise. This means that they’re actively on the lookout for products that won’t eventually end up littering the ocean or cause ice caps to melt quicker. No consumer wants to wade through thousands of products to find the one that best matches their sustainability needs. Instead, if your brand can provide relevant information upfront, then it will surely be appreciated. By creating smart labels with Authlink, you can empower your customers to understand your brand’s sustainability efforts.

  • It enables them to participate in creative campaigns like reward to recycle programs:

For customers, taking part in reward-to-recycle programs is a win-win situation. Not only can they help save the planet, but they can also get rewarded for doing so. It’s definitely something to be encouraged, and it’ll be worthwhile for your brand to play an active role in making it work. For instance, you can add product recycling data for customers to read during the smart tag scan. You can easily upload such information with your brand’s account in Authlink’s platform. This is a great step to take if you’re looking to involve your brand in sustainable activities. And as a bonus, your brand will get brownie points for going the extra mile for customer benefit.

  • It prompts them to listen to their products directly and connect with them:

Imagine this scenario: you go shopping with specific notions of what your ideal purchase should be like. But at the store, you’re forced to keep questioning the salesperson for each product’s stats as there are dozens of options to choose from. It’s clear that this is not the idea of a fun shopping experience for any customer. With Authlink’s help, you can get your customers out of such situations quite easily. Instead of introducing new detours or distractions, you can empower your customers to directly listen to what your products have to say. With Authlink’s smart labels, customers can directly connect with their products at their own pace. When your products can speak for themselves, customers are bound to be interested. Plus, you get to add interesting stories about your brand and inspire loyalty as well.

What’s next:

Now you know why smart tags and NFTs can be game-changing for your business. But you might also be wondering: won’t it be difficult for my brand to adapt to such technologies? 

The answer is no as long as you do so with Authlink’s help. This is because Authlink’s platform has been designed to be user-friendly and uncomplicated for brands to make use of the best of what blockchain technology has to offer. Not only is the platform simple to use, but the results make it even more worthwhile. And in case you feel stuck or confused at some point, there’s always help available right around the corner. If your brand is ready to test the waters, then book a free demo to get started.

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