How to improve customer-product interaction in the beauty industry

It is no secret that the beauty industry is extremely competitive. The expectations and actual usefulness that customers can derive from beauty products can vary due to a number of factors, including changing seasons, ailments, and so on. Authlink’s services have been developed after detailed research to bridge the gaps in customer-product interaction. This enables brands to stay perpetually engaged with their customers and offer worthwhile product use benefits before and after sales. 

Enhanced product-customer engagement will eventually lead to increased brand appeal and loyalty, which will drive up future sales. 

Capturing customer interest:

First things first. Grabbing the attention of new customers is as difficult as retaining existing ones, which is where Authlink Smart Tags come in. Creating smartphone-scannable packages with intelligent labelling solutions is a great way to catch the eye of potential customers as it enables them to:

Creating smartphone-scannable packages with intelligent labelling solutions
  • Access general product information such as manufacturing and expiry date, origin, lifecycle and authenticity data, etc
  • Instantly register their products 
  • Ensure end-to-end traceability of the products they intend to purchase
  • Go through past customer testimonials and feedbacks on the product

Creating worthwhile user experiences:

Once a customer purchases your product, the next step is to create interactive digital experiences that elevate product use to another level. Personalization can go a long way in winning customers, which can be effectively achieved with Authlink’s platform at this stage. 

Here are a few product engagement ideas you can try out with Authlink Smart Tags and Mobile Vault:

1. Enable instant access and control over product NFTs:

Authlink’s platform records product information under intelligent digital identities, which are easy to track and manage. Customers can easily view their purchase history and stay on the lookout for the latest brand and product updates using Authlink’s Mobile Vault.

2. Create dynamic product use tutorials and guides:

By scanning the smart label, he/she gets detailed information about the product

Imagine that a customer purchases your brand’s shampoo. By scanning the smart label, he/she gets detailed information about the product, including notable ingredients, allergy precautions, hair suitability, and much more. Similarly, a customer who purchases a face cream can be advised on the best time of the day and year to use it. These can be done through engaging videos, images or lists. Also, you can guide your customer on how to check for results of product use, and suggest improvements if the outcomes are not satisfactory.

3. Offer sustainability and product disposing information:

A major concern that many customers have about the beauty industry is that it follows poor sustainability practices. Though there are a number of beauty brands that go the extra mile to employ business sustainability strategies, the majority of customers are unaware of the efforts. Therefore, any suggestions on being sustainable while using cosmetic products will surely be appreciated by the majority of consumers. When it is time for the sustainable cosmetics product to be disposed of, the user simply needs to scan the smart label to figure out the next best possible steps. You can introduce refilling options, reward to recycle programs, and also container reuse instructions for the product. 

Introduce personalized experiences based on customer needs:

With Authlink Smart Tags, you can request the customer to submit relevant information about themselves to make the suggestions more personalized and worthwhile. It is a great idea to request for data on:

  • Skin, hair and other body conditions of the customer, including allergy information.
  • Updates on product use, such as expected and actual results. 
  • Feedbacks and recommendations that users want to convey to other customers for better results.

Retaining product appeal and brand loyalty:

While improving product use experiences is a great way to enhance customer appeal for the brand and products, the following ideas can also help significantly boost future sales and retain customers:

Improving product use experiences is a great way to enhance customer appeal for the brand and products
  • Launch loyalty programs that enable customers to collect rewards and discounts for making multiple purchases from your brand. The customer can scan the smart label during the purchase time of each product to add loyalty points to their account and redeem them later.  
  • Organize engaging contests, quarterly and yearly subscriptions and so on to create new benefits for regular customers, which are accessible through Authlink’s Mobile Vault
  • Offer suggestions on new products to try out based on the data submitted by the customers using smart QR code solutions. 

With Authlink’s services, your beauty brand can gain an edge over the competition by creating dynamic and engaging customer experiences.

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