Looking Back on Authlink’s Milestones in 2022

Looking Back on Authlink’s Milestones in 2022

In 2022, the Authlink platform broadened its horizons by reaching out to businesses in new industries, transforming its mobile app, and working on the potential of NFTs. The Authlink team is looking forward to implementing more technically advanced services efficiently in this new year. Before that, here’s a quick look at the mistle tones the platform has achieved in the past year.

The team at Authlink extended support to growing brands in several industries in the previous year. This was in response to the following key issues that such businesses face every day:

  1. It is difficult to verify the authenticity of mass produced products.
  2. Customers want to learn more about where their products come from.
  3. Highlighting sustainable business practices subtle yet effectively is not simple.
  4. Storing valuable business documents is a mammoth task.
  5. Transferring ownership of valuable products is a time-consuming process.

The challenges mentioned above are common across several industries. There were certain solutions to the problem presented earlier by several companies. Yet surprisingly, a one-stop solution was unavailable. This is where Authlink’s services provide the turning point. The following are the top industries that Authlink started working with in 2022.

  • Textile
  • Fashion
  • Education


The textile industry is fiercely competitive, particular for budding fashion designers hoping to earn good brand value and reputation. Thanks to the abundance of textile products in the market, customers are on the lookout for goods that stand out and are unique. They want to connect with their purchases better, and find out more about them. This is where Authlink’s Track n Trace services prove their worth in the industry. Fashion designers now have an easy way to provide detailed product provenance information to their customers. They can even offer after-sales product care and stylish suggestions, all digitally with Authlink. Such measures help customers connect with the products, and consequently with the brands providing them.


The fashion industry has had a few ups and downs in general throughout the years. One key issue is the lack of sustainability. Customers are concerned about the origins of their purchases and whether the raw materials were sourced ethically. This issue has been raised repeatedly, particularly with the introduction of fast fashion. Similarly, due to excessive production, the circulation of counterfeit goods and disposing issues are rampant.

Authlink provides a feasible solution to this problem by making the supply chain transparent and traceable. Customers can easily figure out where their purchases are coming from. Similarly, they can access detailed information on how to recycle, revamp or throw away their products sustainably after use. All of this is possible with a few simple taps on the smartphone with Authlink.


Certificate forging, manipulation and storage issues are abundant across educational institutions. Moreover, the entire system is not sustainable. Last year, Authlink helped Cheran Colleges implement the latest services to create reliable digital certificates that are clutter-free and secure from tampering.

Applying Track n Trace solutions in the retail sector

In general, the Authlink platform has helped resolve a number of common concerns in the retail sector by providing small businesses the following benefits.

  • Provenance tracing
  • Higher transparency
  • Supply chain automation
  • High anti-counterfeiting and security

Highlights of the High Security Printing, Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection conference

On the 8th and 9th of November 2022, the Authlink team attended the High Security Printing, Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection held in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It was a prestigious event that attracted technical experts and professionals from all over the world. Product security is a major issue that needs to be addressed immediately, which is exactly what the conference aimed to do.

The Authlink team presented insights on the subject, and highlighted how the platform had the power to revolutionise product safety now and in the future. It shed light on the immense potential of NFTs in bringing the much needed change. Overall, the conference was a success, and the ideas generated from it were truly transformative.

The rise of NFTs- how the future looks

In 2022, many regarded that the time was up for NFTs. It is because they believed that NFTs have no potential to be a means for digital artists to sell their work. However, Authlink’s recent works prove that it is not over for NFTs, and that there is still a long way to go. In the past year, Authlink made huge strides by linking physical products with digital assets.

We can help you get started with creating your first product NFT on the Authlink platform. Schedule a demo of the Authlink platform or sign up for the beta version today.

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