marketing_trends_in_the_beauty_and_cosmetics Industry - 2022 Insights

Marketing Trends in The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry – 2022 Insights

The idea of using beauty and cosmetics products is nothing new; they have been around in some form or the other since 4000 B.C. With the passage of time, the multi-billion dollar industry has tried its best to keep up with the evolving trends and meet growing customer needs. The past decade has been a period of great changes in the industry, mainly owing to its notoriety regarding sustainability, ethics and excessive chemical use. 

In 2022, beauty and cosmetics brands are introducing innovations that might be the solution to several issues that the industry faces today. Like with many other industries, these innovations are being implemented using digital technologies.

Issues plaguing the beauty and cosmetics industry

The beauty industry has been, on several occasions, been accused of promoting unrealistic beauty standards among young people, particularly women. However, the industry has managed to quell such issues in the past years by introducing inclusive makeup products,  encouraging products that look ‘natural’, and much more. While this has been a step in the right direction, there are still a number of issues that customers find irksome in the industry, as follows:

  • Excess use of chemicals in beauty products that are potentially toxic
  • Focus on anti-ageing products that promote unhealthy ideas of beauty
  • Taboo surrounding the use of makeup products by men
  • Sustainability issues in packaging and disposing of beauty products 
  • Humanitarian concerns regarding the origins of cosmetics products

Setting the right marketing trends in 2022

There are a number of growing beauty and cosmetics brands that, despite everything, are trying to set things straight for the industry and introduce new and feasible trends. This is being made possible with the assistance of digital technologies like blockchain.

For instance, the blockchain-driven Authlink platform is assisting beauty and cosmetics companies to address customer concerns efficiently and promote business transparency. Since this is the need of the hour for customers, such tactics help in enhancing brand value, reputation and industry in the highly competitive market. Take a look at how such trends are shaping the beauty and cosmetics industry in 2022:

1. Brands are trying to highlight their ethical and sustainable efforts:

It seems like there is a new beauty brand popping up in the market every single day. In such a situation, emphasising on a product’s features that customers find most appealing is important. Considering current consumer expectations, products that are ethically, humanely and sustainably sourced are in demand right now. This is a trend that is predicted to last for a long time, since customer concern regarding such issues are only growing.

A great way for beauty and cosmetics brands to highlight their sustainability and ethics is by revealing it to customers through the Authlink platform. Customers can access such information using their smartphones and then make informed purchase decisions.

2. Customers are actively seeking out beauty products with natural ingredients:

A few years ago, a large number of customers were alright with using products containing chemicals as long as they produce instant and noticeable results. However, things have changed now. Most customers do not want to use beauty products that may damage their skin in the long run. Customers place their trust in products with natural ingredients which are not harmful for the skin, and many brands are providing exactly that. At the store, customers can scan smart product labels to get detailed information on the ingredients used in the products. Brands can use this opportunity to educate customers on the benefits of the natural ingredients they use to make their products.

3. Consumers are hoping for more personalized interactions with their favorite brands:

Customers appreciate it when beauty brands go out of their way to make their purchases seem worthwhile. For instance, the number of customers hoping for direct interactions with beauty brands is on the rise. Brands that effectively meet these needs are enjoying better engagement, loyalty, and sales. Establishing personalised connections with customers is easily achieved digitally; Authlink’s Customer Connect features helps in doing exactly that with a simple chat box feature. Also, beauty brands are now creating dynamic product use tutorials that cater to specific customer needs, which users can access through their smartphones.

4. More and more buyers are demanding traceability of their products:

When a beauty product is traceable from start to finish, it is hard for customers to question its value. In this sense, business transparency and traceability greatly benefit beauty brands and even enhance the reputation of the cosmetics industry in general. Platforms like Authlink are contributing towards the betterment of the industry, and the brands that are transforming it. Most importantly, they are helping to raise customer awareness and address common misconceptions about the industry.

What next?

Become a part of the change that is transforming the beauty and cosmetics industry. Schedule a free demo of the Authlink platform here, or sign up for the beta version here.

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