Moving Beyond Data Transparency With Digital Twins

Creating digital twins for products has proven to be the most ideal way for brands to enhance their business and supply chain transparency to:

  • Address customer demand for data regarding their products and business operations
  • Improve business efficiency by enhancing clarity on supply chain operations

However, the other functions that digital twins perform are not as popular as the transparency solutions, but can also help brands stand out from the crowd and attract new customers to their products.

Resolving major business problems with product digital twins

Assigning each product with an intelligent digital identity is a convenient way for brands to make them trackable and manageable from start to finish. Apart from boosting end-to-end traceability, digital products also serve the following purposes:

1. Enable effective smart brand protection

The problem: 

It is not uncommon for businesses to face product counterfeiting troubles due to issues like grey marketing, moonlighting, document forging , and much more. Many brands find it difficult to deal with such problems effectively, mainly due to added expense and waste of resources. However, such cases can eventually tarnish the reputation of the business and even cause loss of customers.

The solution:

Authlink offers a range of anti-counterfeiting solutions for brands to use digital assets to protect their business integrity and reputation with ease. Most of the processes are fully automated, which means that there is no need to spend unnecessary time or money ensuring that all data is protected from external threats, and that all the products reaching the stores are authenticated.

2. Capture real-time consumer and supply chain analytics

The problem: 

Customer demands and expectations from brands and their products keep evolving, and can even be quite unpredictable at times. In the competitive market, it is definitely a great asset for brands to be able to read their customers’ minds and figure out exactly what they want. Moreover, lack of understanding about the operations in each supply chain link can cause mismanagement and lower business accountability.

The solution:

Authlink offers a digital dashboard that enables businesses to use digital twins to capture detailed insights on their products and customers. The real-time analytics make it simple for brands to meet customer expectations and promote accountability for all of their business operations.

3. Improve shopping experiences with intelligent labelling solutions

The problem:

Due to growing competition, customers are seeking more information about the products they intend to buy in order to make better purchasing decisions. However, searching for detailed data about each and every product is not practical, and customers often end up missing out on great products that offer the features they are looking for.

The solution:

By creating digital products with Authlink, brands can upload detailed product provenance and other relevant data securely on the digital platform. Also, by creating smart packages for products, all data including that about product certifications, brand sustainability, ethical motives and so on become easily accessible to customers through simple smartphone scans.

4. Elevate post-purchase services and connections

The problem:

More and more customers are looking for new and innovative ways to interact with their purchases as well as their favorite brands. Satisfactory post-purchase experiences have become essential to retain customer loyalty and engagement in the long run.

The solution:

Authlink Mobile Vault creates a secure space for customers to manage the digital twins of all their past purchases and explore new opportunities to connect with them. Through the vault, users can stay updated with all the new developments of their favorite brands and also get their product-related queries promptly addressed. Using the intelligent digital identities, consumers can also unlock interactive product tutorials, warranty and insurance details, product care, reorder and consumables information, and much more. It is also a great way to take complete ownership of all product related data. Benefits like these will help boost customer appeal towards brands and their products.

What next?

Discover intelligent digital identity solutions that can amp up your brand’s value, interaction and appeal. Sign up for Authlink beta here or schedule a free demo of the platform here

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