Sorting the Real Diamonds From the Fake

Diamonds are highly popular across the world, and are unfortunately quite easy to forge. People often spend thousands of dollars to purchase diamonds which sometimes turn out to be fake ones. While there are systems in place to identify fake diamonds and prevent their circulation, they often manage to make their way to unsuspecting customers.

Is it possible to identify fake diamonds instantly?

Yes, it is definitely possible, even without an expert nearby, to check if your diamond is real or not. Usually, the following factors can serve as talismans for diamond authenticity:

1. Flaws in the diamond that make it imperfect but genuine:

It is not often possible for someone who is not an expert to identify the smallest flaws in a diamond. However, some of the more noticeable imperfections on the gemstone can be spotted by anyone using a loupe. If the diamond looks too perfect and costs far less than you thought it would, then it is highly likely that the diamond is fake.

2. Fluorescence when the diamond is exposed to UV light:

Verifying diamond fluorescence is a quick and easy way for verifying diamond authenticity. But this is not always the most reliable method to confirm genuineness on its own. When exposed to UV light, your real diamond is likely to glow in either blue, organe, yellow, pink or even green color. You can try looking up if your diamond is meant to glow, or move to another alternative for verifying its authenticity.

Verifying diamond authenticity with fluorescence light

Source: Cape town diamond museum

3. Rough exterior that is not adversely affected by sandpaper:

Diamonds are quite rough, and are not easily damageable using sand paper. On the other hand, the exterior of  fake diamond is likely to get tarnished at the slightest rub with sandpaper. Therefore, an effective way to check for diamond authenticity at home is by rubbing sandpaper gently against the diamond’s exterior surface.

4. Easily noticeable and testable heat conductivity signs:

Something that you would notice about a real diamond is that it conducts real quite well. For instance, if you breathe towards the gemstone and create a fog on the surface, it will disappear almost instantly in case of genuine diamonds. However, it will take a longer while for the moisture to disappear if the diamond is not real.

5. An officially generated diamond certificate, preferably digital:

GIA certificates have been used for  a really long time to reassure customers about the authenticity of their diamond purchases. In many cases, this is indeed a tried and tested way to check if your diamond is real. However, recent cases of certificate forging have raised question marks all over its effectiveness in ensuring diamond quality and authenticity. However, digital certificates are gaining popularity, and happen to be a great way to securely manage diamond data and check for authenticity.

GIA certificates have been used for authenticity of diamond purchases.

How can Authlink help you ensure diamond authenticity?

The Authlink platform enables gemstone blockchain solutions to help diamond brands and customers to authenticate their diamonds by creating verifiable digital certificates. All diamond-related data is securely uploaded in the Authlink ecosystem, and cannot be tampered with or manipulated by counterfeiters. Customers can safely manage their diamond data online while taking full ownership and control of related transactions.

Diamond businesses can also share certificates easily with their customers at the time of purchase, and reduce the risk of the certificates getting duplicated or misused. Moreover, customers can transfer ownership of their products securely in the digitally fortified platform. The platform also ensures end-to-end diamond traceability so that the provenance and journey of each gemstone can be tracked from start to finish.

Ensure diamond traceability with Authlink by signing up for the beta version here or scheduling a demo here.

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