Supplyz enables farm-to-table traceability of its meat products, empowered by Authlink

The rapidly growing B2B hyperlocal supply chain management startup has teamed up with Authlink to make the provenance data of its meat products traceable across the supply chain. Such information can be accessed digitally by restaurants to track the meat’s journey right back to the farm. This initiative is expected to increase Supplyz’s brand reputation and customer engagement.

The Challenge:

Consumer concern regarding the origins of meat-based purchases is on the rise. The treatment that chickens receive in farms before they are processed for meat, and the overall hygiene standards followed in preparing the meat for consumption are relevant matters for consumers. It is necessary to verify the meat’s entire lifecycle to gain clarity on such issues. However, collecting data from various locations like the farm and the processing plant, and ensuring that proper quality control was being done were major challenges at Supplyz. Supplyz follows an ethical, humane, and standard based system to prepare its poultry products. The startup wanted to adopt a straightforward system that restaurants could access to understand their meat ingredients’ distinct journey on their own.

The Solution:

Authlink captures and manages the supply chain data of meat products processed by Supplyz, and makes it systematic and coherent for customer benefit. This includes data such as:

  • How and where the chickens were raised
  • The ethical motives followed while raising the chickens
  • Where the chickens were processed and packaged
  • The weight and cut of the meat
  • Whether quality standards were followed in preparing the meat

All the relevant data is organized in a linear format so that the meat’s entire lifecycle becomes easily traceable for Supplyz’s customers.

Digital labelling:

Each package of chicken meat provided by Supplyz has a smart label with a scannable QR code. Each package’s supply chain data is recorded under unique digital assets in Authlink’s ecosystem, which is linked to the QR codes. Customers can scan the code to access complete information regarding the meat’s provenance and lifecycle.

Customer awareness:

Restaurants can ensure their meat packages’ quality when required by accessing the relevant details in Authlink’s system. It is therefore easy for Supplyz to make its ethical implications and safety standards completely transparent.

Insights and analytics:

When customers scan meat package labels, Authlink captures real time insights and analytics in its digitally enhanced dashboard. Such data is made accessible for Supplyz to improve its services in the future.


Supplyz focuses on increasing visibility, from start to finish, towards its ethical, hygienic and humane poultry meat preparation process. By offering restaurants digital convenience in accessing ingredient provenance data and by setting itself apart from similar brands, Supplyz aims to boost meat product sales and overall brand loyalty.

Supplyz also intends to improve its customer engagement efforts, brand awareness and profit using the detailed customer and supply chain insights generated in Authlink’s digital dashboard. The analytics will not only help Supplyz enhance business performance at present but in the future as well.

The demand for global food traceability is on the rise The rising consumer awareness about food safety standards and humane animal raising practices are some of the major reasons why the global food traceability market is on the rise. The food traceability market size is estimated to reach USD 26.1 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period.

Why Supplyz Opted for Authlink

Blockchain-enhanced solutions:

Authlink offers a range of services in its digitally advanced platform that mixes efficiency with convenience. Authlink’s services have proven to be effective in the food industry with which Supplyz is associated. Supplyz can adopt the best of what blockchain technology offers on a single platform with Authlink’s assistance.

Transparent ecosystem:

Authlink offers a well-connected ecosystem in which each product’s lifecycle and ownership data is recorded under secure digital assets. This makes it simple for Supplyz to make the supply chains of their meat products entirely transparent.

Secure digital platform:

All data updated in Authlink’s platform is cryptographically secure, and next to impossible to manipulate or tamper with. Supplyz can trust the platform to record the provenance data of its meat products systematically and accurately.

All that a Budding Brand Needs:

Authlink’s digital platform contains everything that a growing brand needs to improve its products’ end-to-end traceability.

Real-time consumer insights
Comprehensive business analytics
Safe and secure digital ecosystem
Industry-specific business solutions
Systematic product data records

Authlink’s partnership with Supplyz is
contributing towards end-to-end
traceability in the meat industry.

Authlink offers a state-of-the-art platform in which brands can digitally manage products, boost supply chain efficiency and drive up customer engagement. The platform records physical product and supply chain data in a manner that is tamper-proof and easily manageable.

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