The introduction of blockchain technology in the agriculture and poultry industry- What to expect

The farming industry has always managed to keep up with the times by implementing innovative techniques. This includes the use of robots, GPS technology, moisture sensors, and much more.

Such practices have not only helped in saving time, money and manpower, but has also made the industry more environment friendly. However, there is still room for improvement, and this is especially made possible by the introduction of blockchain technology.

The major issues in the farming and poultry industry

As is the case with every other sector, there are certain issues in the poultry and agriculture industry that need to be addressed, but haven’t been resolved for a long time. This goes for businesses that deal with dairy, poultry, seafood, agri produce, and so on. Some of the major ones are as follows:

1. Ethical practices are not always considered a strong point:

The poultry industry is actively criticized by many for allowing the poor treatment of animals. This is a common concern raised by all kinds of customers alike, including meat eaters who want to ensure the well-being of animals before they are processed for consumption.

2. Managing a mass amount of produce is not that easy:

In the agriculture industry, there is always a mass amount of produce in circulation, and it is often not simple to keep track of it all. Issues like thievery and tampering along the way damage business reputation and cause health risks to customers. It is therefore necessary to track product provenance from the farm to the table.

3. Many customers are keen on knowing where their food is coming from:

The rumours surrounding the unhygienic nature of many poultry farms, and the idea of consuming inferiorly produced food makes customers naturally anxious. They want to stay assured that what they are eating has been processed based on the high quality standards they pay for, and that the businesses have the right safety certifications.

4. There is scope for betterment as far as sustainability is concerned:

Sustainability and farming have not always gone hand in hand, and it is time for a change. There have been several cases of harmful pesticides being used to enhance the longevity of farm products, which causes serious health issues. Many customers are actively seeking out businesses that promote the sustainable and eco-friendly production of food, and are mostly organic.

For these reasons, the farming and poultry industry have been going under heat for several years. But now, things are starting to change thanks to blockchain-based developments like NFTs.

Transforming the agriculture and poultry sector with blockchain technology

Recently, farmers in the state of Jharkand drew attention by using blockchain to manage seed dispensing and supply, and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

The Authlink platform has been using blockchain solutions to address and resolve a number of issues that the farming and poultry industry is facing today. The following tools are assisting in the process:

blockchain in agriculture img

The traceability solutions available on the Authlink platform are helping farming and poultry businesses to keep track of the provenance of their produce at all times. This helps in avoiding produce manipulation, stealing, and related issues as the goods move along the supply chain system. 

What’s more, businesses can digitally update the movement of the products on a timely basis, which increases overall transparency and efficiency in the long run. They can also highlight the sustainable practices followed during each step. 

For example, a business can add details on how hygienically and ethically chickens are raised in a farm, the health standards followed in processing and packing the meat, the temperature conditions while transporting the packages, and so on. 

The traceability system also helps farmers keep track of seed distribution and supply by combining simple OTP technology with blockchain. Farmers can also manage and access a record of all the benefits and schemes they have and are yet to partake in. 

Using smart QR code smart tags developed with Authlink, customers can scan their product labels to access information about where their food is coming from. Through a simple scan, all information about the food packets, including the conditions of the farm, the ethical practices followed there, the certifications the business has, and other relevant information become available. This helps customers make informed decisions on their food purchases, and ensure that they are clear about the sources. 

Try it out for yourself

Find out what the disruption of blockchain technology in the farming and poultry industry actually means. Schedule a demo of the Authlink platform or sign up for the beta version today.

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