Transforming jewellery and luxury goods, Authlink cuts the slack for good!

For jewelers, traders and representatives alike, some of the largest hurdles are the same — and all too common: How can one ensure the moral provenance of a diamond or expensive stone? Guarantee it is real and not false?

How can one achieve and trace the progress of a jewel within a fragmented and vague supply chain? And how can one authenticate ownership of a piece that is assembled into question?

A fraction of jewelry manufacturing heavyweights has lately embraced distributed ledger technology, a sunshade term for a shared and synchronized database, to report such learning. And passionate defenders of Authlink, the underlying scheme, say the technology could be a welcome — and insurgent — confirmation solution, although one still in its outset.

Blockchain-enabled solution

The application of blockchain technology in the Auhtlink’s genius enables one to trace raw materials from the deposit to the refiners, through distributors and manufacturers, to the retailers, and eventually to the consumer. Every action of the way, the data is inserted into the digital ledger and cannot be modified, creating the recorded data extremely secure.


While regularity helps companies build trust among customers, it might also harm their power to reduce discrimination. Authlink believes that even though the center on traceability does not regular adequate price transparency, it will have implications on the pricing of end results.

Transparency remains

Transparency persist a provocation for the diamond industry. It can still be remarkably tough to verify diamond provenance, or in other terms, the source, components, craftsmanship, chain of purchase, and sustainability credentials of any given gem. With few steps to confirm the claims of agents, buyers are left to trust – or more acceptable goal – that their favorite purchase was sourced ethically and sustainably.

Customers are frequently reluctant to give the benefit of the uncertainty. In demanding, millennial, and self-governing women customers, who serve two of the most critical businesses – are commanding that stakeholders along with Authlink are capable to prove somewhat than claim their diamond provenance.

Breaking the provenance difficulty for luxury goods

Luxury goods thefts are unpleasant for businesses, thus businesses began to look for potential solutions to fight it. This is where new technologies developed in hand, in particular, Authlink. Consequently, with the guidance of Authlink’s technology, it will be accessible to keep records of luxury goods.

Considering it is a database record, you can see the origins of an object, which accommodates recognize if it was distributed professionally or stolen through the process. The ledger reserves all the documents; from the substances used in making the asset to the first partner. This would guarantee the authenticity of luxury goods and contribute knowledge that the item is legitimately acquired.

Additionally, with the improvement of technology, customers are becoming more intentional about buying judgments. Authlink’s technology is a fabulous way to contribute information about the source and track of the good.


Most interestingly, the significance of this discovery lies not so much in what it can do for determining the provenance of your stylist bag or a diamond ring. Suppose for a moment what brilliant clear provenance can prepare. While luxury brands appear to be the new adopters due to their inclination to differentiation, it is mass adopters that will transform the world of retail. And a definitely phenomenal world it will be admittedly.

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