Unicas Supplies Traceable Covid-19 Relief Kits with Authlink

Unicas is extending its covid-19 relief campaign across India, and Authlink’s technology is ensuring traceability and transparency every step of the way

The second covid-19 wave in India has been devastating, and has caused a sharp spike in hunger and unemployment across the nation. In light of the situation, Unicas’s #NoOneSleepsHungry campaign was kickstarted by its team in Jaipur with the purpose of providing relief kits with essential rations to a thousand families made vulnerable due to the ongoing pandemic. Furthermore, the campaign has helped provide upliftment and employment assistance in the cities of Jaipur, Patna and Delhi.

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin also partnered in the initiative by pledging additional essential rations to strengthen Unicas’s relief efforts. 

When the campaign extended from Jaipur and Delhi to other highly affected areas across the country, Unicas teamed up with Supplyz, a B2B hyperlocal supply chain management startup based in Patna, to ensure efficient and timely supply of relief kits across multiple regions. To combat diminishing supply chain transparency due to the increase in supplies and delivery areas, Unicas and Supplyz joined hands with Authlink, a rising blockchain-oriented startup based in Bangalore that offers digital product management solutions.

Authlink’s platform has been enabling high visibility, accountability and data security throughout Unicas’s campaign. The platform records all supply chain transactions on a real-time basis to ensure the smooth operation of the campaign, as well as to make relevant information accessible for the donors and other stakeholders involved in the relief efforts. Authlink Smart Tag has also enhanced the traceability and visibility of the relief kits. The platform offers full visibility to donors on how their funds are being utilized, as well as data on inventory size, supplies, beneficiaries, and so on. Equipped with Authlink Smart Tags, Unicas started distributing relief kits to five hundred families in Patna, and it is currently ongoing.

Track the real-time status of the campaign here: https://authlink.com/covid19-reliefkit-unicas/dashboard/

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