Webinar on Meeting Millennial Buyer Needs with Digital Products & Smart Tags

Webinar on Meeting Millennial Buyer Needs with Digital Products & Smart Tags

The rapidly evolving demands and expectations of millennial customers have always posed a challenge for growing brands trying to stay afloat in the competitive market. A range of digitally-driven business solutions exists in the market that is ideal for bridging the gap between small businesses and their customers. However, most growing businesses do not have an adequate understanding of the services, and also do not know how to utilize them to improve their customer experience.

On 30th July 2021, Authlink joined hands with GS1 Malta to organize a webinar on Meeting Millennial Buyer Needs with Digital Products & Smart Tags to draw awareness and promote understanding about the various digital solutions that brands can employ to elevate their customer engagement efforts. 

The webinar’s panelists Akash Gaurav (CTO and Co-founder of Authlink, and moderator of the webinar), David Calleja Urry (CEO of GS1 Malta) and Janita Winters (COO of GS1 Malta) shared their insights on what brand-consumer interaction entails in the digital world.

The webinar started off with an introduction of the panelists and the focus points of the discussion. Later, the speakers presented the challenges, growth and developments that have taken place in the label and packaging industry in the past few years, and how past intelligent labelling solutions have evolved to meet the needs of millennial and Gen Z buyers. Towards the end, the panelists answered audience queries on how the mentioned digital solutions can be efficiently integrated into their businesses. 

Adjusting to the new normal of brand-customer interactions:

The panelists emphasized that the business world is on the verge of a huge transformation by which web-connected, phy-gital products will be the new normal. As the panelists noted, the business growth made amidst the ongoing pandemic has been equivalent to the business made in the past ten years. Also, recent studies have shown that consumer demand for product transparency is becoming the new normal, and there has also been a sharp spike in customer concern over brand sustainability efforts. 

The steady rise in the number of online shoppers during the pandemic has also increased concern about product quality and authenticity, the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting solutions, and so on. However, more customers are hoping for personalized and interactive approaches from brands before, during and after purchase. 

Such trends have only gained momentum amidst the ongoing pandemic. Millennial and Gen Z buyers are choosing to use digital means to interact with brands and their products, because of which product digitization has become imperative for businesses to effectively meet customer needs.

Understanding the evolution and effectiveness of smart tags:

The panel discussion made it clear that GS1 barcodes have moved beyond supply chain operations to make room for intelligent labelling solutions that are transforming real-time information supply in the manufacturing industry. The advancements made in the smart packaging market have been helpful not only for dispensing product provenance data to customers but also for enabling interactive product user experiences. 

The panelists further explained that tapping into the customer appeal for digital modes of communication is a great way for brands to stay ahead of their competitors. Moreover, it has helped brands enhance business transparency and tackle a range of counterfeiting issues which is crucial for retaining consumer loyalty, particularly in the pandemic era.

Meeting customer sustainability expectations:

The panelists observed that the number of consumers actively addressing sustainability issues across industries is on the rise. They also reflected on how such issues directly affect brand loyalty and reputation, and how recent reports show that customers are willing to spend more money on brands and products that show genuine concern over their sustainability needs. The panel discussion threw light on how smart tags have emerged as the ideal solution for brands that want to showcase their ethical and sustainable practices, ensure end-to-end traceability and also foster a system of complete business transparency.

Authlink’s digital platform and services have been assisting brands in fueling their customer engagement efforts by promoting business transparency, boosting sustainability and creating interactive product-use experiences. 

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