Why It’s A Good Idea To Enable Smart QR Code Solutions For Products

How can a growing brand stand out from the competition in this day and age? The answer is simple: make use of the latest technology available in the market.

For instance, enabling smart QR code solutions is a technique that has been around for a long time, and has been developed to near perfection in recent times. It is a chance for upcoming brands to improve customer interactions, protect brand value, and much more. However, not many new businesses are aware of the immense potential of this technology, so here’s a look at how it works.

Creating QR code digital experiences

When you add a smart QR code to a product’s package, any customer can scan it from the store and even after purchase to connect with the product better. All the customer needs is a smartphone to do so, which, as statistics show, 3.5 billion people have at present. Smart QR codes not only make the lives of customers easier, but also significantly improves brand prospects.

The following are the major benefits of using QR code digital engagement solutions:

1. Promotes brand integrity and product authenticity:


In the past few years, there has been a sharp spike in product counterfeiting cases across industries. Needless to say, this is not good news for businesses or their customers. Unfortunately, brands do not have feasible solutions to efficiently tackle the problem. Moreover, issues within the business like grey marketing and moonlighting are also difficult to deal with.

Using smart QR codes solutions, it is possible to boost brand awareness with minimal hassles. Customers can easily verify the authenticity of their products from the store itself and put their minds at ease. Such efforts will not go unnoticed, and can lead to higher sales and satisfaction rates.

2. Creates amazing customer experiences before and after sales:

Customers love it when brands go the extra mile to appreciate them. However, due to mass production and other factors, it is not easy for businesses to give focused attention to each customer. Also, there are so many brands offering similar products that catching customer attention at the store has become next to impossible.

Scanning QR codes at the store makes it easier for customers to make informed purchase decisions. They can access detailed product insights and exclusive offers to enrich their purchase experience. Moreover, brands can stay connected with their customers after purchase using product QR codes as well by creating dynamic product tutorials, offering product care suggestions, and much more.


3. Boosts business sustainability and customer awareness:


While the majority of customers are enthusiastic about the idea of business sustainability, not many are aware of the best practices to promote it. In such situations, they seek the guidance of the brands from which they make their purchases. For instance, customers appreciate information on the best ways to dispose of their products after use, and even tips on requiring them for other purposes.

It is easy to provide customers with detailed product recycling and reusing information using smart QR codes. Customers can scan product labels when the time comes to access such data and make better choices. Brands can use the opportunity to introduce customers to reward-to-recycle schemes as well. Such initiatives draw higher customer appeal, loyalty and trust.

4. Enhances product traceability from start to finish:

Tracing a product’s journey back to its origin tends to be a time-consuming and expensive process for brands and their customers alike. However, it has become essential considering the question marks surrounding the ethics and sustainability of mass production across industries. Supply chain transparency has now become the need of the hour for businesses.

Fortunately, transparency is simple to achieve using smart QR code solutions. Brands can make use of effective track and trace solutions to make their products provenance easily traceable back to the origins. On the other hand, customers can scan product labels to access detailed information on product journeys across the supply chain.


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