Permits & Licenses

Issue easily verifiable and impossible to counterfeit digital licenses and permits at a fraction of your current cost. Add digital notes, revoke, or extend the licenses digitally and securely. Our network offers multi-level signatures on the same documents enabling varied access to the candidates. The platform also offers candidates to apply for licenses & permits online and get their documents extended remotely.

Benifits to Licensor


Automated and transparent application process


Issue an immutable and non-counterfeit able digital license/permit in seconds


Inter-linked certificate method ensures the authenticity of the issuer is also validated through its governing agency

Benifits to Licensee


Apply for a license/permit online and track its status


Receive a verifiable digital certificate directly into the mobile app


Manage digital certificates effectively with up-to-date notifications and renewal reminders

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From product provenance to certificate issuance and more. Authlink can help transform your brand by adding a layer of trust and give you a revolutionary edge into brand protection, customer convenience, and perpetual relationship management

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