Premium Gadgets

Disengage the threat of counterfeit goods affecting brand reputation with Authlink’s technology providing a shield against odd’s. Connect with your consumers anywhere with our single platform that helps manage and collate their valuables and unlock game-changing insights into your audience in the process

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Benefits to Brands


Detect and combat gray market and counterfeit activity with end-to-end product authentication and tracking


Make your products more trackable, verifiable entities with already present ecosystem data of provenance and origin

Direct Communication

Personalize consumers journey with dynamic content, experiences and services in the form of a direct channel

Real-time Analysis

Capture real-time data and prior visibility of consumer behavior with product preferences

Benefits to Owners


Secure, convenient and private mobile vault for all your valuables, assets, electronic gadgets


Easy conveniences with third party services like loans, insurances, and valuation for all your purchases

Ownership Transfer

Transfer directly and securely the ownership of your valuables without the intervention of a middleman

Bona fides

Make smarter purchases with easy one-tap scan confirming the credibility of your products