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Digitally enhanced premium gadget management solutions

State-of-the-art platform to track and maintain premium gadgets

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Guarding Gadgets

Authlink’s blockchain-driven platform makes premium gadgets traceable and manageable across the supply chain

Secure digital identities

Boost sales and profits while simultaneously improving customer digital experience

Meticulous gadget traceability

Establish lasting customer connections to stay afloat in the competitive industry

Accurate business analytics

Boost overall business performance using carefully acquired insights and analytics

Verifiable authenticity records

Keep track of provenance information of each jewelry piece for better management

Premium quality control

Ensure authenticity of products in every step of the way with well-developed solutions

Systematic supply chain management

Experience the best of what blockchain technology has to offer on a secure platform

Manage supply chain complexities
  • Ensure consistency and flow between suppliers, distributors, dealers, etc

  • Handle multiple partners across geographies while closing supply chain gaps

  • Maintain sync, speed and uniformity while managing multiple transactions

Enhance customer digital experience
  • Interact and establish relationships with customers using Authlink Mobile Vault

  • Enable remote control of gadgets, updates on warranty & documentation, etc

  • Allow easy renting and transferring of gadget ownership on a digital platform

Capture real-time insights
  • Customers get to enjoy post-purchase, digitally enhanced services

  • Provides curated product care recommendations and suggestions

  • Offers access to insurers, financers, repairs, warranty, and much more

Improve supply chain visibility
  • Prevent use of counterfeit electronic parts in authentic and premium gadgets

  • Monitor environmental damage and ethical issues along the supply chains

  • Estimate production costs accurately for customer benefit

How it works

For brands

Data storage
Ownership verification
Process management

Assigns a distinct digital identity for each gadget
Records provenance information
Uploads relevant certificates & documents
Cryptographically stores data

Validates ownership details
Provides data flow regulation options
Enables easy ownership transfer
Alerts owner of relevant issues

Provides real-time supply chain insights
Generates detailed customer analytics
Creates comprehensive reports
Improves overall business efficiency

For customers

Authenticity verification
Information supply
Product maintenance

Enables QR code scanning
Makes data smartphone accessible
Provides relevant supply chain information
Ensures authenticity of each gadget

Offers product provenance information
Highlights brand’s ethical motives
Confirms genuinity of purchase
Helps in making informed purchases

Digitally stores past purchase details in Mobile Vault
Provides after-purchase recommendations
Offers exclusive benefits & services
Enables an enhanced digital experience