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Turning intelligent wine bottles into reality

Futuristic, state-of-the-art, blockchain-driven solutions to ensure wine traceability, verifiability and authenticity

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Prioritising Protection

Authlink’s premium services enable wine brands to create unique digital identities for their bottles and thereby manage them effectively

Efficient supply chain system

Improve supply chain transparency and efficiency by digitising wine bottles

Solid proof of authenticity

Provide customers with irrefutable evidence of the authenticity of their purchases

Unparalleled customer insights

Take advantage of detailed analytics and insights to improve customer service

Elevated customer experience

Offer a digitally-driven shopping experience each time a customer makes a purchase

Increased sales and revenue

Drive higher sales and revenues by establishing enduring customer relationships

Brand reputation maintenance

Preserve brand reputation by protecting customers from counterfeiting and forgery

Highlight what sets you apart
  • Project the unique voice of your brand to draw customer attention and appeal towards your wine bottles

  • Provide customers with interesting and relevant information through a digital medium to build stronger connections

  • Let your wine bottles speak for themselves with digitally enhanced QR codes that customers can effortlessly scan

Make use of game-changing insights
  • Access accurate reports for supply chain efficiency, such as insights on manufacturing, production, inventory size, transportation, etc

  • Make the most of systematically procured analytics to improve customer service efforts and boost sales

  • Acquire competitive advantage by deploying effective solutions based on relevant insights and analytics about the market

Enjoy the post purchase digital experience
  • Customers can make use of Authlink’s Mobile Vault to digitally view and manage past wine purchases

  • Customers can access detailed information about their wine, including its history, age, manufacturing location, etc

  • The vault also provides exclusive benefits to customers such as coupons and special offers for an enhanced digital experience

Keep counterfeiting at bay
  • Tackle and prevent wine counterfeiting issues by making your supply chain system completely transparent

  • Make use of analytics reports to understand counterfeiting trends and devise solutions that work against them

  • Safeguard your brand reputation and make counterfeiting efforts futile by generating customer awareness

How it works

For brands

Data storage
Ownership verification
Process management

Creates a unique digital identity for the bottle
Updates provenance information
Records relevant certificates & documents
Cryptographically secures data

Validates ownership details
Provides data flow regulation options
Enables easy ownership transfer
Alerts owner of relevant issues

Provides real-time supply chain insights
Generates detailed customer analytics
Creates comprehensive reports
Improves overall business efficiency

For customers

Authenticity verification
Information supply
Product maintenance

Enables QR code scanning
Makes data smartphone accessible
Provides relevant supply chain information
Ensures authenticity of the bottle

Offers product provenance information
Highlights brand’s ethical motives
Confirms genuinity of purchase
Helps in making informed purchases

Digitally stores past purchase details in Mobile Vault
Provides after-purchase recommendations
Offers exclusive benefits & services
Enables an enhanced digital experience